Monday, February 10, 2014

Montecarlo Scarface 3 - chess analysis tool with the Monte Carlo method


                        Montecarlo Scarface v.3.0

Vas. introduced with Rybka  the method Monte Carlo analysis applied to chess.
I found the idea interesting, but his tool of analysis, now also incorporated in Fritz has always seemed me too "rigid", inflexible.
Options and changes the parameters of the analysis engine are very few. The result is: often analyzing a position, the program takes into account only a move or a few more.
A shallow depth of analysis, as it should be set in the Monte Carlo analysis, a brilliant move as a sacrifice of a piece, a typical resolution of a problem like "White to move and win", is unlikely to be considered as the most probable. Then  this determines that it is never taken into account as a first move of the program.
Also, if I want to compare two or more moves, often the program ignores the variants of my interest.
To overcome this, I created a tool for the analysis Montecarlo, much more flexible. With my program, the user can choose which moves among those considered possible, wishing also all.
I have also added to the application, options and parameters and user can edit it, even in the different times of the games, in order to make the analysis modality  more flexible as possible. The user who uses the program will have the opportunity to experiment and create different approaches to the analysis of the position.

Montecarlo Scarface is a tool for chess analysis, uses the Monte Carlo method.
The application produces hundreds of games of the position in analysis.
The moves are chosen in pseudo random way from the program. The statistic on the games results furnishes a reasonable indication of the moves quality.
To a description detailed of the Monte Carlo method:

Montecarlo Scarface, version 3  27-01-2014

News in MS3:
- Engine:  Stockfish-dd and Gambit Fruit
- Interface with the tablebases 5 pieces (Gaviota, Robbo TB).
- A new analysis mode, besides the Full and Limited analysis mode: Correspondence analysis mode.
- Add Boost Random libraries, for a more uniform distribution of the random moves choice.

Smaller updatings:
- Improved the stop management. 
- Add security log, to save data in the eventuality of a crash.
- Fixed a bug that could create a crash.
- Fixed incongruities in the program loop.

You can donload the Robbo tablebases from:

Notità della versione 3:
- Motori d'analisi: Stockfish-dd and Gambit Fruit.
- Interfaccia con le  tablebase 5 pezzi (Gaviota, Robbo TB).
- Una nuova modalità d'analisi, oltre all'analisi Full e Limitata: modalità gioco Corrispondenza.
- Implementate le librerie Boost Random, per una più uniforme distribuzione della scelta casuale delle mosse.

Aggiornamenti minori:
- Migliorata la gestione dello stop
- Aggiunto il log di sicurezza, per salvare i dati in caso di crash
- Risolto un bug che poteva creare dei crash.
- Risolte incongruenze nel loop del programma

Per visualizzare l'Help del programma in italiano, nella barra delle opzioni cliccare su "Options", quindi selezionare "Help language: Italian". Chiudere la finestra "Options" e aprire l'Help.
Le tablebases dei finali di tipo Robbo (Gaviota) possono essere scaricate da:
E' consigliabile scaricare tutte le tablebase 5 pezzi + 4 pezzi scaricabili dalla pagina. 

Aggiornamento del 13-2-2014:
MScarface 3a  13-2-2014.
Aggiornamento della versione del 27-1-2014.
La versione del 27-1 aveva un bug che si verificava quando c'era un'unica mossa possibile e giocava il motore Gambit Fruit.
Principali modifiche nella versione 3a:
- Risolto il bug dell'unica mossa possibile.
- Aumentata la frequenza di gioco di Gambit Fruit nella modalità corrispondenza.
- Modificati e aggiunti dei parametri di default.
- Aggiunta l'opzione Not Montecarlo.
- Ridefinita la GUI.

Update 13-Feb-2014:
MScarface 3a  13-Feb-2014.
The 27-Jan-2014 version had a bug when there was an only possible move 
and played the Gambit Fruit engine.
Principal changes in the version 3a:
- Fixed bug of the only possible move.
- Increased the Gambit Fruit play frequency in the Correspondence mode.
- Modified and changed some default parameters.
- Adds the option Not Montecarlo.
- Redefined the GUI.

UPDATE 13-Feb-2014 MScarface 3a version.

If you have problems to run the program, download the Microsoft .net libraries:
x32: installx32
x64: installx64

If you want to help me, for my work, thanks:



Anonymous said...

This is nice, not many people have tried this yet I believe. So did you use stockfish libraries in your main program? Is the code (c++) available somewhere? would be nice to see how one actually uses these libraries in the simplest way. (e.g. to find checks in a position etc) I used to work on a project long ago to write a Monte Carlo routine for the game Go, not much success back then :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Albitex,

Still using your fine program, we've exchanged some messages quite some time ago on the Rybka Forum. Any change you can upgrade your program with the latest StockFish engine?

Best regards,
De Knaller

Albitex said...

Sorry I did not read more this my old blog , so I had not seen your comments. I have end off the job on my program, so difficult make an update.
The program is written in C ++ VS2010 Express. If you want the code is available. If you are interested write here a request.

Unknown said...

Hi amigo,

Still using your Monte Carlo Program 'MScarface 3'. It remains the best on Monte Carlo Search. I've seen on your old blog you stopped working on the program
but the code in C ++ VS2010 Express is available.

Well I am interested, although I have no experience in C++ only VBA. I want to change a few parameters and update
the engines. I don't know if I will succeed but I can give it a try.

Well...let me know if your offer still stands.

Best regards,
De Knaller