D56 Lasker Defence, thematic opening book

D56 Lasker Defence:

Lasker Defence D56:
 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Cc3 Cf6 4.Cf3 Ae7 5.Ag5 h6 6.Ah4 0-0 7.e3 Ce4 8.Axe7 Dxe7

Download opening book: D56.ctg
Download pgn games: D56pgn

The Lasker Defence is solid and strong, for the White player is difficult to get advantage.
It is a few flat (it extends to the draw) but the analysis of the derive positions
is useful to the general principles study of the pawns structures and of the ends games (as the French opening),
Besides it is a sure weapon against strong tactical players in tournament .

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