Fischer-Taimanov Training (English)

Demolition of pawn structure.

Often in endgames with light pieces, when we have a Bishop, the adversary creates a pawns structure defending with his piece and the King, the weak pawns of his fortress, the only ones that can be attacked by our Bishop. Undermine these structures is not at all easy. A 1971 Fischer game, can be a useful example of the technique to be used in these cases to break through the enemy fortress:

Fischer-Taimanov, Candidates 1971, Vancouver

I created a training with this position. Using it with Fritz, you'll have to play some moves, with a time and a score.
If you do not have a Fritz GUI, you can use ChessBase Reader 2013, free download from here: ChessBaseReader2013 

Instructions for use of the training with Fritz GUI:
Download the file “Training1.rar” from link at bottom of the page, then extract the folder "Training1" with WinZIP or WinRAR and copy it with all the files in ..Documents/ChessBase folder:

From “Database” menu select "Open" and then open game "Pawntra" in the “Training1” folder:

Now scroll through the moves of the game. Fritz will ask you to play some moves. Try to find the correct variants.
With ChessBase Reader 2013, the procedure is the same. If you do not see the test windows with the request to enter the moves, make sure you (select the menu "Training"), that the "Enable Training" is checked: 

Download training: Training1.rar

I advise you to set the test positions on a real chessboard. Analyzed in order to find the solution, without moving the pieces.

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