Topalov - Shirov

With MS3 I have finally succeeded in resolving the position that was my sorrow (my big problem), even if have employed eight hours!
The analysis Montecarlo limit is the time, even if it needs to consider that I have an old dualcore E4500. Probably with more powerful PC, the necessary time to perform an analysis would be more limited, but however always elevated:

Topalov,Veselin - Shirov,Alexey

Linares, 1998

The bishop is sacrificed for a single tempo - the one needed for the king to get to e4.
["Normal" play would bring White the draw without too much trouble, for instance: 47...Kd6? 48.Kf2! Simplest. (Although White also does not lose after 48.Bxf6!? Kc5 49.Kf2 d4 50.Ke2 Kc4 51.Be7 Kc3 52.Kd1=) 48...Kc5 49.Ke3=;
47...Be4? 48.Kf2 Kf5 /\ 49...B:g2! 49.g3! a3 50.Ke3 Kg4 51.Bxf6 Kxg3 52.Kd2 Kf4 (on 52...d4 53.Bxd4 Kxh4 54.Kc1 g5 55.Bc5 a2 56.Kb2= White need only give up his bishop for the g-pawn.) 53.Be7! (while there's time, it's useful to force the enemy pawn onto the same color square as his bishop) 53...a2 54.Bf6 Bf5 55.Bg7 Ke4 56.Ba1 d4 57.Bb2 (with the pawn at a3, White would risk falling into zugzwang here) 57...d3 58.Bc3 Kf4 59.Bb2 Kg4 60.Bf6 a1Q 61.Bxa1 Kxh4= and we have transposed into the Berger - Kotlerman ending.]
48.gxh3 Kf5
[48.Kf2 Kf5 49.Kf3 would not help in view of 49...Bxg2+! 50.Kxg2 Ke4-+]
49.Kf2 Ke4! 50.Bxf6 50...d4 /\ a3 51.Be7 Kd3 /\ Kc2, d3 52.Bc5 Kc4!
[But not 52...Kc3? 53.Ke2] 53.Be7 Kb3 Now the king must reach c2, which gives us the "pants" situation we spoke of in Chapter 4, Bishop vs. Pawns.[53...Kc3 is just as good).]  0-1
[After 50.Ke2 f5-+ Black has too many passed pawns.]

I have had to lift the analysis depth of the default values to resolve the position:

Montecarlo Scarface v.3 x64
You have planned this parameters: 
FEN : "8/8/4kpp1/3p1b2/p6P/2B5/6P1/6K1 b - - 0 47"
CORE THREADS: 2  Use tb:y
Analysis: f
Correspondence mode
Depth: 23  Multipv:2  Delta: 70
LOW n.Moves: 7   LOW Delta: 100
LOW Depth: 19

    moves black:

      1. ..  Bf5 h3  n. games 210 n.draw=21 n.lose=0  p.max=95%
      1. ..   g6 g5  n. games 210 n.draw=118 n.lose=0  p.max=71%
      1. ..  Bf5 d3  n. games 210 n.draw=118 n.lose=0  p.max=71%
      1. ..  Bf5 c2  n. games 210 n.draw=141 n.lose=0  p.max=66%
      1. ..  Bf5 e4  n. games 210 n.draw=140 n.lose=0  p.max=66%
      1. ..   a4 a3  n. games 210 n.draw=143 n.lose=0  p.max=65%
      1. ..  Bf5 g4  n. games 200 n.draw=137 n.lose=0  p.max=65%
      1. ..  Ke6 e7  n. games 180 n.draw=129 n.lose=0  p.max=64%
      1. ..  Bf5 b1  n. games 210 n.draw=155 n.lose=0  p.max=63%
      1. ..  Ke6 d6  n. games 180 n.draw=138 n.lose=0  p.max=61%
      1. ..  Ke6 f7  n. games 180 n.draw=142 n.lose=0  p.max=60%
      1. ..  Ke6 d7  n. games 180 n.draw=142 n.lose=0  p.max=60%
      1. ..   d5 d4  n. games 210 n.draw=174 n.lose=0  p.max=58% games=2600   time: 8h 9' 27,953''

Even in normal mode analysis, the move is found. But in this case the secondary moves get a positive result too much, too many victories.
Normal analysis (no Correspondence):

Montecarlo Scarface v.3 x64
You have planned this parameters: 
FEN : "8/8/4kpp1/3p1b2/p6P/2B5/6P1/6K1 b - - 0 47"
CORE THREADS: 2  Use tb:y
Analysis: f
Normal mode
Depth: 17  Multipv:2  Delta: 70
LOW n.Moves: 9   LOW Delta: 100
LOW Depth: 17  LOW Multipv: 3

    moves black:

      47. ..  Bf5 h3  n. games 174 n.draw=62 n.lose=1  p.max=81%
      47. ..  Bf5 g4  n. games 216 n.draw=80 n.lose=0  p.max=81%
      47. ..  Bf5 b1  n. games 214 n.draw=94 n.lose=0  p.max=78%
      47. ..  Bf5 c2  n. games 210 n.draw=90 n.lose=0  p.max=78%
      47. ..  Bf5 d3  n. games 211 n.draw=91 n.lose=0  p.max=78%
      47. ..  Bf5 e4  n. games 201 n.draw=99 n.lose=0  p.max=75%
      47. ..  Ke6 f7  n. games 192 n.draw=119 n.lose=0  p.max=69%
      47. ..  Ke6 e7  n. games 192 n.draw=119 n.lose=0  p.max=69%
      47. ..   g6 g5  n. games 178 n.draw=111 n.lose=0  p.max=68%
      47. ..   a4 a3  n. games 191 n.draw=124 n.lose=0  p.max=67%
      47. ..  Ke6 d6  n. games 194 n.draw=149 n.lose=1  p.max=61%
      47. ..  Ke6 d7  n. games 209 n.draw=168 n.lose=0  p.max=59%
      47. ..   d5 d4  n. games 218 n.draw=190 n.lose=0  p.max=56% games=2600   time: 1h 12' 43,63''

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