Stoktest test set.

Test the strength of your Stokfish engine.

For user with a GUI type ChessBase Fritz: download the chessBase version of the file. Unpacking the RAR file and copy the folder obtained (stoktestf) with all the files in the folder:  Documents/Testset /ChessBase. So in Fritz select engine> processing test set. Open the file Stoktest and set the maximum time of analysis for position, example two minutes (120 ").

Chessbase version, for Fritz GUI:
Unzip the file RAR and copy the complete folder with the all files on your PC.
Download: Stoktest.cbh
Download March update : Stoktestm.cbh

PGN version:
Download: Stoktest.pgn
Download March update: Stoktestm.pgn

Test several engines in a batch file.The launcher (2438 bytes) doesn't fragment memory.
From Brice Allenbrand, Rybka Forum.
Download bacth test; -Test-
Rybka forum link: -PostRybkaForum-

CPU dualcore E4500, 2,7Ghz:
STOK 6 x64: Maximum time = 150s (no tablebases).
Result: 23 of 30 = 76.6%. Average time = 27.14s / 24.39
STOK 5 x 64: Maximum time = 150s (no tablebases).
Result: 21 of 30 = 70.0%. Average time = 35.09s / 25.00

March update test set, result:
Engine Stockfish 150303, Threads=2, hash 256 Mb
Stoktest suite March update, max. time 150s
Result: 26 su 30 = 86.6%. Average time= 24.11s

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