Interview with Bobby Fischer:
"The greatest pleasure? When you break his ego."
Bobby Fischer to Dick Cavett Show, 1971.
Download video: - Fischer.Mp4-

Fischer ironic video:
Video with Fischer and a comedian. The comedian plays Spassky.
Parody of Spassky-Fischer 1972 wch match.
Video youtube: - FischerSp -

Polgar wins Carlsen, blitz New Mexico 2012:
Download video .wmv per Media Player e Chessbase: CarvsPolvideo
Download PGN partita commentata: GamePGN
Video youtube: CarvsPolyoutube

Polgar wins Kasparov, Russia contro resto del mondo 2002:
Video youtube: PolKasparov
Dowmload PGN game: PolvsKasparov-pgn

Morozevich wins Carlsen, Blitz Match Memorial Tal 2013:
Video youtube: MorvsCar
Dowmload PGN game: MorvsCarl-pgn

Anand-Kasparov, Credit Suisse rapid 1996:
Even the champions make mistakes,
Video youtube: Kasparov-reaction

A recent mistake example: Dortmund 07/26/2013
For the series also champions wrong, a recent example: Dortmund, Friday 07/26/2013:
Kramnik 2784 - Wang Hao 2752
At the 25th move the two GM are found in this position, touches to the Chinese
Wang plays 25. Ra2 ..?? and loses the Rook.
26.Qb8 + 1-0 would be followed 26. Kh7 .. 27.Qb1 + and the white net gains Rook.
This occurred in a game long time, at the 25th move, without any emergency time.
Report to the official website Dortmund tournament: Dortmund site
To see the games of the tournament: displaygames

Fischer vs. Geller 1961:
Video youtube: Fischer Geller

Pretty woman, World Championship Women:
Video youtube: wchwoman

Partita del mese (Game of the month) per Chess ClubLive, Marinkovic-Short Canadian Open, July 2013:
Video youtube: MarvsShort

Il passato degli engines (the past of engines):
Video1  youtube: video1
Video2  youtube: video2
Video3  youtube: video3

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